Financial Controller

As Financial Controller, Chris believes in the KISS approach (keep it simple stupid), which means he is transparent with customers, whilst undertaking a firm but fair approach to payment.

Having studied accountancy at Norwich City College, Chris has worked in a number of organisations ranging from SME, Public Sector & Large Multinationals, honing his skills and gaining experience of different corporate structures & working practices.

Before joining Portal, Chris worked for Vodafone as a Commercial Finance Manager. In this role he gained experience of the telecoms industry covering Fixed, Mobile & Converged Products for their largest multi-national customers    

Chris’s recent telecoms experience combined with previous roles in SME’s, gave him the ideal knowledge and skill for Portal.

From Chris’s point of view, he felt Portal had the right corporate strategy and John Corney’s determination to grow the company was the perfect place to bring all the best practices from his knowledge & experience together to help drive Portal's growth.