Managing Director
As Managing Director of Portal I believe fairness should sit at the heart of all business transactions.  I consider each of the stakeholders in the business; customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, to be partners.   This means I have a long term approach to building business relationships.   I also regularly like to work side by side with our employees to understand the “shop floor” issues and from time to time I sit in the customer service department taking calls.
 I have considerable experience in strategic organisation and strategic marketing having set up two very different partnerships from scratch in diverse industries.   This means I understand the “hands on” difficulties experienced by business owners and managers.   Joint ventures have played a significant role in the success of Portal and I continue to enjoy working in partnerships today. 
Before moving into voice and data products, I worked as an Independent Financial Advisor for 13 years, where I specialised in compensation work on a no win no fee basis.  This taught me the skills required to handle commercial disputes sensibly and also how to work effectively with other professionals.  Having advised small businesses and their owners or shareholders, I have developed an excellent understanding of the difference in approach of excellent, compared to just good, companies.